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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Where to even start, been gone for about 5 months now. Really wish I did not have to stop blogging but life happens. Just to recap in the last 5 months we have moved, got a puppy, and I was able to go home and visit family in my home state of New Jersey. With the new house things are still taking time to get unpacked. I feel like we have more things then what we actually packed. First goal is to get rid of anything we don't need or use anymore. So tired of finding a spot for something we don't use anymore. My 8 yr old daughter T is on summer break until Aug. 20th. I can't believe school starts back up so soon. My 1 yr old son J is hitting his terrible twos already. Some days I think he knows just what buttons to push for my head to start spinning. Other then that we are just enjoying each other through the summer break. But I am sure there is more to come. Oh yeah here is the new addition to our house Angel.


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