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Sunday, June 23, 2013

I Finally Understand

I never understood why my Grandmother always hung her clothes outside. She just would tell me it's my way to release from stress. So growing up I did not get it. Fast forward to now at age 27 with 3 kids of my own. I love hanging my clothes first thing in the morning after I wash them. I totally understand why my grandmother loved it too. I find it so peaceful to hang the clothes while the gentle morning breeze blows around me. I am not looking forward to winter time and having to dry them inside. This is the most relaxing part of my day. What is your release from stress and to relax?

Friday, June 21, 2013

First Day of Summer!

Today was the first day of summer and so hot and humid. Let the kids go swimming and have fun with water activities. With as hot as it has been makes me wonder what is in store for us the rest of the summer. Last year was wow in the heat department and this year is already getting there. So it got me thinking, how do I get the kids to still have fun but still stay cool. I am going to be brainstorming over the weekend to come up with fun things to do and if you have any ideas please feel free to comment and let me know. Time to relax and read a book. See everyone in the morning.

Ticks Are Out of Control

So this year I have noticed (since we live out in the country) that the ticks are out of control this year. Even if we just go out in the yard to play we end up with at least 3 between the kids and I. Plus there is this really tiny one this year that I have not seen before. Little bugger is sneaky I tell ya. This has put me on high alert when the kids are outside because the last thing anyone needs is someone with lime disease. Also the mosquito's come out before it is even dark out this year. Hopefully next summer it is not as bad but we just have to make it through this summer.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer is here!!!

So excited to finally have our pool up. The last two days with humidity we have been in high 90's or in the 100's. The kids love the pool and I am working on a great tan. I know by the end of summer though I will be wanting the heat gone. What fun things do you do with your kids in the summer?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A New School Year

The time came to buy school supplies, new clothes, and a new book bag. Then we had back to school night on August 16th and our first day of school was August 20th. I still can't believe summer went by so fast. But so far this first week things are going really well for my 3rd grade daughter. The only thing we are working on is our before and after school routines. Once we get those going well everything should run smoothly. How is back to school going for your family?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beat The Heat

I remember when it was winter and all I wanted was for summer to get here. I think it is like that with every season when the weather gets to be to much. Right now we are in the middle of summer and I truly want it to be over. Getting up into the triple digits is no fun. Some way to beat the heat are to go in a pool, go to the lake, run through the sprinkler, or the easiest way stay inside in the AC. Hopefully the weather breaks soon and we can do more activities outside without feeling like we can't breath from the humidity. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

City VS Country Living

I can now say that I have lived in both a city and a country setting. At the current moment I am living in the country. I really thought I would miss the city so much if we moved to the middle of nowhere. The odd thing is yes I do have little things I miss but 95% of the time I love it in the country. With such a big yard for my kids to run and play in I did not know how awesome that would be. Yes the upkeep is a lot but well worth it. The part I miss about the city though is being able to run to the store whenever I need to. I actually have to plan my trips to town now. I do miss having all the activities inside the city though and the parks right there. But having our own yard is like having our own park. Plus if my kids start to have melt downs from cabin fever I can just let them outside to play and they can yell and scream and run around crazy till their heart is content and they are not bothering anyone since we don't have neighbors. Which do you like better, living in the city or the country?