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Thursday, July 19, 2012

City VS Country Living

I can now say that I have lived in both a city and a country setting. At the current moment I am living in the country. I really thought I would miss the city so much if we moved to the middle of nowhere. The odd thing is yes I do have little things I miss but 95% of the time I love it in the country. With such a big yard for my kids to run and play in I did not know how awesome that would be. Yes the upkeep is a lot but well worth it. The part I miss about the city though is being able to run to the store whenever I need to. I actually have to plan my trips to town now. I do miss having all the activities inside the city though and the parks right there. But having our own yard is like having our own park. Plus if my kids start to have melt downs from cabin fever I can just let them outside to play and they can yell and scream and run around crazy till their heart is content and they are not bothering anyone since we don't have neighbors. Which do you like better, living in the city or the country?

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