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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2/8/2012 Already A Long Morning

Morning time started today at 3:30am due to my 1 year old thinking it was time to get up and play. If only he knew that the sun was not even up yet. After playing for a little bit and getting some of the energy out of his system he went back to bed. Not me though! Next I got my husband off to work and then worked some myself since I work from home part time. After working it was time to wake my 8 year old for school and make sure we made it to the bus stop on time. Then my 1 year old got up again and is up for the day. Breakfast was fun because he is teething and his gums are sore. Now it is time for more coffee and working on getting this house back in order from yesterday. I am sure there is going to be more to come today since the day is still young. :)


  1. I know the feeling, my daughter would wake up all the time like that and just want to play. Even now the first sign of light she wakes everyone up. She'll say but mommy it morning time. lol

    1. awe if only they knew how much sleep is good. But when they do find it out they are grown and don't have time to sleep lol.